Wealth Preservation

Cutting-edge domestic and cross border wealth planning strategies that secure the preservation of family wealth

Whether you’re considering investing in a business, real estate, a yacht, artwork or a complex financial product, G.S. Monteiro Law will work with you to navigate any cross-border issues, improve your tax efficiency and ensure the investment meets regulatory requirements wherever you or the investment assets are located. We are often tasked with developing complex international structures involving foreign trusts and offshore holding companies for investments. We work with our affluent families and prominent individuals to manage and facilitate the transfer of their assets, such as companies, real estate, farms and ranches, marketable and non-marketable investments, artwork and private aircraft. The concerns of many of our clients extend internationally as they often have assets, businesses and family members located in multiple jurisdictions. Often our work with private clients and their family offices requires us to work in close collaboration with their foreign legal counsel, many of which are the leading firms in their home countries.

Planning With Directed Trusts

Planning with directed trusts provides greater flexibility and control to our affluent families and prominent professionals. With directed trusts, family members can be more involved in the administration and management of the trust and all underlying assets. Apart from the separation of management of a trust from the distribution of assets, directed trusts are also capable of offering enhanced protection from creditors. G.S. Monteiro Law establishes these directed trusts for our clients in various jurisdictions with favorable trust laws. In doing so, we further ensure that we adopt the best approach for the preservation of family wealth for our clients.

Family Office Formation and Representation

An effective family office facilitates and coordinates personal, business, tax, and charitable giving management for affluent families. Our team represents affluent families in connection with their family offices. We create tax-efficient structures for our family office clients and advise in areas such as regulatory compliance, structuring of pooled investment vehicles, asset protection, risk management, privacy and data security, and private foundations. We often serve as private general counsel to our family office clients. Most importantly, we strive to immerse ourselves in the family history and dynamics that underlie each family office’s priorities, challenges, and aspirations.

Asset Protection Planning

Various factors may serve as hazards to an otherwise well-developed estate plan. These causes may include family disputes and divorce, business risks and bankruptcy, lawsuits, and drug addiction. Protecting a legacy against these threats is vital, which makes comprehensive asset protection planning an important part of the planning for the preservation of our affluent families’ legacies. There are options which offer various benefits, and determining the right vehicle is an important aspect of asset protection.

Asset Protection Planning

As part of the services, the following are some of the areas our attorneys assist with:

Implementing Sustainable Investment Planning and Strategies

Planning with Offshore Private Investment Companies (“PIC”)

Planning for implementation and Representation of Family Offices

Creation of Directed Trusts

Asset Protection Planning

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