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Real estate transactions are an essential part of wealth creation for our private clients services

People from all over the world invest in real property in the United States. Real estate transactions can become very complex, very fast. G.S. Monteiro Law offers a wide variety of services including implementation of sustainable planning strategies for acquisition and holding of U.S. real properties, drafting of real estate contracts and corporate documents associated with the holding entities, tax filings and legal representation.

Tax Planning and Investment Strategies

Transfer an interest in real property located in the U.S. by foreign owners usually triggers adverse tax implications that could otherwise be avoided with proper planning. We represent our private clients and foreign investors in U.S. real estate transactions and advise on issues related to compliance with tax withholding obligations and mitigate the burdens imposed by Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (“FIRPTA”). We also assist our private clients with developing tax-efficient financing structures using portfolio interest debt.

Drafting of Real Estate Contracts and Corporate Documentation

Drafting real estate contracts and corporate agreements for holding entities is fundamental to the real estate practice. A contract which is not drafted by a legal professional can at a very minimum delay a transaction, it may very well terminate a potential transaction, or be the cause of a costly legal dispute. At its very core, drafting real estate contracts involves detailing all elements that apply to a particular transaction. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in this area, and they ensure that contracts include all necessary details and legal standards. In this regard, some of the ways our attorneys help our clients are by drafting lease agreements, purchase and sale agreements and related closing documents, and options to purchase.

Create Tax Efficient Structure

Draft Contracts and Agreements

Title Services

Communicate With All Parties

Manage Critical Transaction Dates

Monitor missing documents

Formation of Entities if Needed

Create and implement asset protection strategies

As part of the services, the following are some of the areas our attorneys provide assistance with:

FIRPTA planning

Structuring of U.S. Real Estate Investment To Minimize Tax Exposure

Post Acquisition Restructuring of Investment in Real Estate

Federal and International Real Estate Tax Considerations

Drafting of Real Estate Contracts

Legal Representation for Real Estate “Closings”

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