Family Legacy

Comprehensive domestic and cross border estate planning designed to ensure the family legacy is transferred to the next generations organically

Advising and protecting families is at the heart of what we do! We help affluent families to preserve and transfer their legacies to the next generations, often working with formal family office structures, as well as ensuring that younger generations and elderly family members have the protection and resources they need. We address our client’s specific needs from a holistic perspective and provide advice concerning a wide variety of issues relating to their businesses, investments and wealth succession planning. We counsel our clients with respect to matters concerning estate planning, tax, real estate, family and business governance, and business organization and succession.

International Trust and Estate Planning

A forward-thinking, well-organized international trust and estate plan in today’s world is essential to preserve and transfer the legacy of our clients to the next generations. It is more and more common for families and assets to be all around the globe as people move, study abroad, or find foreign investment opportunities. G.S. Monteiro Law attorneys work alongside our clients, their family offices and their advisors to design a multijurisdictional plan to address the needs of such hybrid families. By implementing cross-border structures that often apply foreign trusts and foundations, we help our clients to transfer their legacy to the next generations organically and to preserve their wealth against potential risks based on family and business traits. Additionally, we assist our hybrid families with tax planning for the next generations and implement post-mortem techniques to avoid the application of the “throw-back rules” in connection with distributions – of undistributed net income (“UNI”) – from foreign non-grantor trusts to the beneficiaries that are subject to U.S. tax laws.

Business succession and corporate governance

The next generation’s continued success requires planning considerations that evaluate the characteristics of the family members. Aside from the people component of such planning, continued success also demands the implementation of a sound corporate governance framework. To develop sustainable planning that transfers wealth and businesses interests organically, we put in place strategies that build a lasting and successful foundation for the next generation to operate a business.


Philanthropy is a significant priority for many of our affluent families and prominent professionals, and we recognize that effectively implementing a philanthropic plan requires a multidimensional approach. We represent individuals, families, and family offices in connection with their most significant philanthropic and charitable giving campaigns. Our services in this area include the creation of charitable giving trusts, private foundations, planned giving, and advice regarding tax compliance and governance.

Avoidance of Probate: Revocable Trust and Last Will and Testament

Probate is a court process by which assets are transferred to beneficiaries of an estate. This is a complex, time consuming and expensive process requiring the involvement of the local jurisdiction courts. But probate can and should be avoided. Revocable trusts and wills along with additional estate planning documents such as power of attorney and advanced care directives, are a key part of probate avoidance documents which allow families to get around probating an estate. Practically speaking, for probate avoidance purposes, revocable trusts are utilized by a transfer of assets during life. This has the effect of removing those assets from a probate estate as they are deemed to be owned by the trust. This can help clients avoid the probate process while not changing anything regarding control over those assets.

As part of the services, the following are some of the areas our attorneys help with:

Implementing Sophisticated Transfer Strategies

Creation of Foreign Trusts and Foundations

Creation of Charitable Trusts and Private Foundations

Planning with Family Preferred (Freeze) Partnership

Transnational Arrangements for Ownership and Transfer of Assets

Business Continuation and Succession Planning

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